Trainee Landscaper (Hard and Soft)

Closing date: Fri Feb 28th

Location: Woodberry Down, Hackney

Salary: £16000 - £21000 per annum

Contract: 9 months minimum

Sector: Construction (Landscaping)

About this job

You will be:

  • Presentable and polite 

  • Capable of moving heavy materials, sometimes in high volumes

  • Assisting & supporting skilled teams to develop a basic understanding of landscaping principals

  • Not afraid to work in all weathers

  • Keen to learn new skills and have a positive attitude

  • Enjoy working as part of a team 

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This service is for Hackney residents but if any of the following apply to you then please call 020 8356 5700

  1. You are being housed in Hackney Council temporary accommodation outside the borough.
  2. You have Hackney Council as a corporate parent, i.e. you are or were in care.
  3. Went to Hackney school or college
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